hodlME token

Probably the best
token to Hodl

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we have the highest reflection in crypto
20% goes back to our holders


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the tax


the game


the stake

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decentralised economy

The tax

20% goes back to our holders

If you are holding hodlME you are one of the lucky ones, the sell tax of 20% will be distributed to you and everyone who is holding

  • Highest divident in the crpyto space
  • PASSIVE INCOME Earn passive BNB by holding hodlME tokens
  • Fair distribution the more hodlME tokens you have the more BNB you receive

fun factor

The Game

Win hodlME tokens while playing

Soon after launching the token you will have access to the game, with different ways to play you will test your holding skills to the limit

  • 1vs1 choose your opponents wisely, the more tokens he holds the more likely is that he will make a sale and lose the game
  • 1vsMultiple opponents – here the real fun starts, with more opponents the prize will be huge
  • The hodlME game is quite simple, you buy holdME tokens you stake it to the game and then you hodl! As soon as the opponent has made a sale you win the game
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the stake

The stake

when it comes to staking we will provide the most secure and transparent contract

  • One of the highest daily reward in the crypto space.
  • SECURITY FIRST – we take security very seriously and we make sure your funds safe.

Why invest in hodlME

If you are holding hodlME you are one of the lucky ones, the sell tax of 30% will be distributed to you and everyone who is holding

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Massive Rewards

We reward holders through tax rewards, games and stake all while providing a secure and vibrant eco-system.


Medium - long term token

while there will be some big gain on the short term the real $ will come to the long term holders

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The hodlME token will be initial available on pancakeswap but we are negotiating with other exchanges


Marketing strategy

We have a marketing strategy to maintain a healthy chart we will step on the gas as soon as it will feel like we are losing momentum

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Super safe

The trust is one of the most important things in crypto, we will lock the liquidity and do a audit


The team

A group of talented business men, IT professionals and blockchain experts are behind the scenes

available tokens


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Max supply




(buy tax) Auto liquidity


(temporary) Charity


(temporary) Marketing & Product development


(sell tax)Back to holders

Road Map

July 2021

Team assembly

October 2021

Token creation and testing

October 2021

Private sale

December 2021

Presale & lite marketing

December 2021

Token launch

December 2021

Huge marketing

December 2021

Stake & Game launch

December 2021

Second marketing

QI 2022

Implementing a direct buy of tokens on the website / Making the fist donation from the charity wallet (Community will vote and decide on which charities)


Coming soon

awesome token

How to buy

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Transfer BNB

Transfer BNB from exchange to your preferred wallet (ex. metamask, trust wallet)


Buy BNB on exchange (ex. binance.com)

Choose your strategy

Exchange BNB to HODM

Exchange your BNB to HODM in the pancakeswasp exchange

Exchange BNB to HODM

Choose your strategy

Are you a diamond hand? A paper hands? A gamer?


Token Distribution

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53% Community & Burn (launch/presale/burn)


10% Staking


10% Team-Marketing(5%-5%)


19% PrivateSale


5% Airdrop


3% Game rewards

Name:   hodlME (HODM)

Purchase methods accepted:   BNB

Max supply

100000000000 HODM


Sell tax


Buy tax

New Token emissions:  NO

Presale estimated date:08/12/2021
Launch date:19/12/2021
Know Your Customer (KYC):  NO
Min/Max Personal Cap: 5,000,000,000
Whitelist:  No

our files


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Terms & Conditions
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Privacy Policy
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Business Profile (Soon)


Frequently Asked Questions

Risk Disclosure

Although cryptocurrency is becoming a popular way for individuals to use as securities, please note the high volatility that is involved in trading, investing, staking, and purchasing crypto commodities. There are always high risks associated with smart-contracts. Everything that you are provided with through our platform is for informational and educational purposes. All information claimed or provided, should be independently confirmed, researched, and verified. HODLME team cannot be held accountable for damage or loss due to reliance on the information provided.


1) Understand the risks involved.
2) Consult a professional financial advisor.
3) Only use the money you can afford to lose.

Legal Disclaimer

The hodlME team does not recommend, instigate, or force you to purchase cryptocurrency. In other words, if you decide to purchase a cryptocurrency, it was done under your sole discretion. As a user of our interface and platform, you must do your own research and consult with investment professionals before to making any decisions. By purchasing and using the hodlME platform, you are formally agreeing to the following: 1) The team is harmless and not liable for any loss of your funds or additional federal taxations that may occur. 2) You have done your due diligence in understanding the nature of the hodlME token ecosystem. 3) You understand the governing laws and regulations from the country you are in and which crypto commodities may or may not fall within the regulatory bounds before any purchase.